Our Therapists

All of our therapists are licensed and certified by the Washington State Board of Massage. To review a therapists license, use this link and search by the license number listed below.

Kristopher Bondeson

Kristopher graduated from the Brian Utting School of Massage, and has been practicing since 2007. He specializes in deep tissue massage, sports massage, injury treatment and prenatal massage. He spent the first three years of his career working predominantly on motor vehicle accident treatment in a chiropractic setting, and has since been providing therapeutic massage to a diverse clientele in Ballard. Kris has avidly pursued further injury treatment knowledge in his continuing education, and has extensive experience with reducing pain and increasing function and mobility in his clients. MA00024932 


Mara Garrity

A Licensed Massage Practitioner, and Wellness and Meditation educator with a collection of over 15 year’s experience. Upon graduating from Phoenix Therapeutic Massage College, she continued her education at Port Townsend School of Massage completing an intensive Advanced Orthopedic Massage Certification. Mara’s training has also included the Network Care breathing techniques of Somatic Respiratory Integration and Reorganizational Healing modalities. She continues to attend Sambodha meditation seminars to deepen her ability to integrate awareness in her sessions and workshops. Throughout the years she has passionately explored various facets of the healing arts including nutrition, essential oils, hot stones, yoga, walking prayer exercises, the language of divine intentions and movement modalities.In all sessions, your true self is honored, supported and nurtured. As soon as you enter, you feel a special energy. It is my mindful intention that Your voice and body are actively listened to and guide the sessions. Always you are treated with a blend of scientific expertise and heart-led spirituality. MA00017862

Jennifer Hansen

A deep tissue therapist, practicing since 2002. MA00017345

Anita Koch

Anita graduated in 2003. Her experience in the healthcare field spans 15 years ranging from organizing care and activities for Alzheimer patients, to working as a certified nursing assistant, she currently works in clinical administration at Virginia Mason.Anita has a passion for health and wellness both personally and professionally. Her experience in Swedish Massage and Deep Tissue allows her to enjoy working with a wide spectrum of clients. Anita’s intuitive and nurturing massage style is focused on fostering increased mobility and decreasing holding patterns and pain so clients are able to enjoy optimum physical health.  MA60427080

Momoe Unoshima

Our most experienced massage therapist, Momoe has been practicing her own unique style of deep tissue since 2001. MA00015407 

Susan Van Horne

Modalities: Integrative Massage, Bowen NST, Mobile Cupping, Structurally Integrative MyoFascial BodyWork, Polarity Therapy. Muscle “Energy” (MET), Positional Release, Visceral Manipulation, Lymphatic Detox, Biodynamic CranioSacral (IntraOral Endorsement), Injury / Head Injury Treatment, NeuroSomatic Trauma Resolution, Corrective Positioning Stretches & Movement ReEducation.

I’m a problem solver on a life-long healing journey with a smorgasbord of skilled techniques and a three dimensional approach:  I have an eye for body alignment, an ability to track tissue strain vectors from the location of pain and tension to a usually more distant source of underlying body imbalance, and a sensitivity of touch that facilitates post traumatic tissue healing by integratively hydrating congested, stressed or traumatized fascial tissues.

My touch can be sensitive, firm or deeper; my sessions are often very deeply relaxing, but more from manual therapy techniques than from massage strokes and rhythm, as resolving tension patterns, fascial strain and body alignment shape the flow of my sessions.

I regularly work with clients with long-standing pain and tension from layers of injury and compensation that twist and pull the body out of midline function.  I find that these techniques work impressively well with chronic pain, tension and many different traumatic body injuries, including auto, sports, slip and fall, and, notably, even closed head injuries and concussions.

My sessions mix and match highly effective techniques to locate and resolve the cause of your pain and tension, and rebalance a stressed or hyperactive nervous system.I invite you to try this unique style of work and discover your own journey to greater health and healing.


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